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Is Crystal Whites safe to use?

We believe your safety is number 1. Our whitening gels come fully tested and certified under EU And US Cosmetics law. 

I have sensitive teeth, are Crystal Whites teeth whitening kits and strips for me? 

Yes! As our whitening strips and kits are zero peroxide and contain no harsh ingredients or chemicals. You can achieve dental level whitening results without the worry of disrupting your teeth enamel and gums. In the case of any dental issues; exposed gums or tooth decay, it is recommended seeing your dentist first before using this product.

How quickly before I start seeing results?

Follow the instructions and tips provided and you can see results within 5 days. Remember to use the whitening strips up to 30 minutes a day for maximum results and avoid food and drinks with colouring agents in e.g Coffee, tea, red wine. Smoking during the whitening course is not advised.

Is delivery really FREE?

Crystal Whites gives you FREE delivery for all UK orders and we deliver to anywhere in the UK.

Simply add your products into your cart and FREE delivery will be added at checkout.

Do you offer worldwide delivery?

Yes, we deliver worldwide! Once you checkout, it will take you to the shipping page, select your location and your shipping fee will be calculated.

How long is delivery?

Once checkout has been complete, you will receive a confirmation email. Processing time is 1-2 working days.

  • Delivery for the UK is 1-3 working days (after processing time)
  • For international orders, deliveries for the EU is 7-12 working days.
  • For worldwide orders, delivery is 10-14 working days.

How do I use the professional Teeth Whitening Kit?

STEP 1: Mouth Trays: Place the trays individually in boiling water for 5-10 seconds until they wilt

STEP 2: Moulding The Trays: Press the trays firmly against your teeth and suck the air out to mould 

the trays around your teeth

STEP 3: The Fitting: Once you are happy with the fitting of the trays, trim the handles with scissors

STEP 4: Apply The Gel: Add a small line of gel along each tray. Approximately 0.2 - 0.4ml of

whitening gel

STEP 5: Session Time: Floss & brush your teeth before each session. Insert trays & use 25 mins, depending on your sensitivity level

STEP 6: Boost Your Whitening: Use the ultra power light to boost your the whitening process

How do I use Advanced Whitening Strips?

It’s as easy as 1.2.3… 

In each pouch there are 2 strips (1 upper,1 lower ) in each pouch. We offer 20,30,40 and 50 strips in total.

1) TEAR - To begin, tear carefully at the top of the pouch to reveal the strips inside.

2) APPLY -Take the longer strip first from the plastic film, place the gel side of the strip against your top teeth. Repeat the process with the other strip to the lower teeth

2) REMOVE - Once you complete your session, remove the strips and discard, lightly brush your teeth with warm water to remove any excess gel. Reveal your new Crystal White Smile and enjoy!


For best results, dry your upper and lower teeth before using the strips

We recommended using a mirror to guide the strips in place.

Apply each strip individually, top teeth first then the bottom teeth.

Press the strip firmly against your teeth using your fingers for alignment. Whist doing this, breath air in a fast motion, sucking the strip against the teeth.

Use the strips for up to 30 minutes a day. 

Do not eat or drink foods with colouring agents in during your chosen whitening course

Smoking is not recommended during the whitening process

How do I use the LED whitening light

1. Remove the plastic battery cap from the light.

2. Take out the batteries and remove the small thin plastic film.

3. Put the batteries in the correct way up and close the battery cap.

4. You can now turn on the light and begin your teeth whitening session.

How do I contact customer support?

If you have any questions about any of the Crystal Whites products, your delivery, returns and anything else, please send your details on our contact page and a member of the Crystal Whites team will get back to you within 24 hours. Contact Us