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Thermo Boil & Bite Thermo Mouth Trays- 4 Sets

Thermo Boil & Bite Thermo Mouth Trays- 4 Sets

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Our high quality thermo 'Boil & Bite' mouth trays can be used for both Teeth Whitening gels and can also be used help prevent Teeth Grinding. They are fully customisable to fit your teeth. 


Follow these instructions for maximum performance:

Step 1: Boil some water and pour it in a clean dish and allow to cool for 2 minutes

Step 2: Place one mouth tray and submerge into the water, whilst holding the tab for 

5-7 seconds until you see the tray wilt

Step 3: Remove the tray from the water and shake off any excess water

Step 4: Place the tray into your mouth against the upper teeth and bite down whilst at the same time pressing it against the front of your mouth with your fingers all around the tray, use your thumb to push the underneath against the roof of the mouth

Step 5: Once complete, take the tray out and put the tray in cold water to set the tray

Step 6: Repeat the process for the 2nd tray and customise around the bottom teeth

TIP: Press all around the tray and such the air out like a vacuum to fit a better shape around your teeth

you can remould the trays again by repeating the process!

Please note: Please follow the instructions as close as possible, but don’t worry if you made a mistake you can remould the trays again by repeating the process!

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What Dentists Say?

" When we eat certain foods and drinks, acidic properties attack tooth enamel and discolouration can occur.

Teeth whitening involves a process known as oxidation. This process occurs when a whitening agent comes into contact with the stains in your teeth.

Using the Crystal Whites Professional teeth whitening kit can help gradually lift off stains caused by everyday foods and drinks inc: tea, coffee, smoking, wine & much more.

Their advance gel formula is non-peroxide so you can now achieve an increase in your teeth shade, with out causing any pain or sensitivity."