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Deluxe Teeth Whitening Strips & LED Laser Light - 50 Pack

Deluxe Teeth Whitening Strips & LED Laser Light - 50 Pack

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  • ·  Professional teeth whitening strips that are easy to apply, no messy gels or trays

  • ·  Achieve a dental white smile whilst being safe on teeth and gums

  • ·  Approved - All our ingredients are safe and come fully certified

  • ·  Eliminate - stains cause from tea, coffee, smoking, food colourings and ageing

    Achieve a sparkling smile in 3 easy steps with our safe formula! The Crystal Whites strips are so easy to use, and you’ll achieve a bright white smile in no time! Its as easy as 1,2,3!


    1. PEAL - Open the pouch and peal off the strips (upper first, repeat for the lower strip)

    2. APPLY - Dry your teeth with a towel, then apply each strip to the upper teeth, repeat for the lower teeth

    3. REVEAL - Place LED light over the strips, turn on light and leave on for a 30- 60 mins whitening session. Brush of any excess gel with warm water, Reveal your new white smile!


    > Take a photo of your teeth colour before your first whitening session with the teeth shade
    > Brush and floss your teeth before use to remove any traces of food
    > Use a clean cloth or towel to wipe your teeth to dry so the strips stick on better

    > After each whitening session - lightly brush your teeth with only warm water > Try a 5-day cycle with 2-days rest, and repeat this cycle if necessary
    > Compare your teeth shade after your 5-day whitening course

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